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Dr. Jack Green

Dr. Jack Green is an experienced and senior dermatologist. He has been providing a comprehensive dermatology service since 2006. He splits his week between the main practice in Werribee and Richmond and also consults in Ballarat. Dr. Green is a Consultant Dermatologist at St.Vincent’s Public Hospital and at the Skin and Cancer Foundation in Carlton. As an adjunct senior lecturer at the University of Notre Dame he is responsible for teaching medical students.

Dr. Green has experience dealing the full spectrum of skin types – from fair Caucasians, olive skinned southern Europeans, Asians, Indians and African skin. He also has experience in managing skin problems in patients of all ages from children to the elderly.

Dr. Green initially studied at Monash University, obtaining his primary medical degree in 1991. He was awarded his medical degree with honours, placing in the top 10% of graduates in his year and was the recipient of the Herman Lawrence Prize in Dermatology and a finalist for the Sir Edward Hughes Surgical Prize. Dr. Green was involved for a number of years (1999 to 2001) in dermatology research at St. Vincent’s Hospital and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. This lead to significant discoveries in the fields of dermatological molecular genetics. Several publications in prestigious scientific journals and presentation at scientific conferences came out of this work. He then obtained broad training and after successful completion of examination obtained an FRACGP in 1996. He then moved into full time dermatology research for three years resulting in many important breakthrough scientific publications and invitations to speak at scientific meetings. In 2002 he entered dermatology training. He initially spent a year in Singapore – where he obtained significant experience in dealing with darker ethnic skin types e.g. Asian and Indian patients. He then returned to Australia to continue training at the Austin Hospital, St.Vincent’s Hospital and Peter MaCallum Cancer Institute. His training also involving visiting other hospitals including the Alfred Hospital, The Royal Children’s Hospital, Monash Medical Centre and the Royal Melbourne Hospital. In 2006 he was awarded his Fellowship of the Australasian College of Dermatologists.
Cosmetic Dermatology
Dr. Jack Green has gained considerable laser experience during his period of training in dermatology. At the National Skin Centre in Singapore he gained experience with laser treatments of Asian and other darker skinned patients.

In Melbourne he gained further experience through rotations at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Laser Unit and also at the Skin and Cancer Foundation. In 2006, after he graduated in dermatology, he spent time honing those skills with Dr. Michael Rich, an acknowledged leader in the field.

Western Dermatology was established by Professor Greg Goodman, another expert in the field, more than 20 years ago and was one of the first providers of cosmetic laser treatments in Australia. In 2007, Dr. Green took over Western Dermatology.He has now expanded the cosmetic and laser dermatology services offered.

Precision and Accuracy
Dr. Green is known for the precision and accuracy of his work and his attention to detail. This is no accident. He comes from a family line of watchmakers where a steady hand and an obsessive attention to detail is essential in this field. His father had a business for over fifty years in the same building he uses today to consult from in Richmond. Anybody who has been in Richmond for longer that 15 years and anyone who grew up there would remember Mr. Green the watchmaker, next to the Swan Hotel. His uncle was a watchmaker in the Royal Arcade in the CBD for many years, as was his grandfather, brother and many uncles. Unfortunately independent watchmaking is a dying profession and there are none now practicing this delicate trade in the family anymore.

Dr. Green’s Father

Dr. Green is married to an obstetrician and gynaecologist and they have two children – a daughter aged 17 years and a son aged 15 years.
Why Choose Western Dermatology?
Dr. Jack Green is a trusted medical specialist dermatologist, with an experienced team. In his Werribee practice he is the only dermatologist between Williamstown and Ballarat. Ethical practice of his specialty area is paramount and he maintains a public hospital position and teaches medical students imparting his knowledge of skin disorders to the next generation of doctors. Our clinic offers treatment across the whole spectrum of medical, surgical and cosmetic skin problems.

As the medical specialists of the skin, it is dermatologists that invented the use of lasers for treatment of the skin and also introduced the use of botulinum toxin injections for treatment of wrinkles and filler injections.

There are dozens of beauty clinics offering cosmetic treatments in the outer West of Melbourne. But there is only one dermatologist in this area providing and supervising this service and this is here at Western Dermatology. For specialist medical standard assessment, treatment planning and therapy for your skin concern, whatever that concern is, it can managed at Western Dermatology.

The Richmond Location
The building at 242 Swan St, Richmond

The Richmond location was previously the site of Dr.Green’s father’s watchmaking business.

Selected Academic Papers
Selected Academic Papers