A complex excision / repair occurs when primary closure of adjacent skin is not possible, so a flap or graft is required to deal with the wound. A “flap” is when tissue is taken from a local surrounding area and moved to where tissue is missing. A flap is required when the area that has lost tissue is too big to bring the edges together. The flap will help a wound to heal much faster and will also reconstruct the area so it is more aesthetically pleasing.

Sometimes, a skin graft may be needed to repair a larger surgical defect. In this instance, some skin is taken from another part of the body (such as behind the ear or from the front of the thigh) and placed in another part of the body where tissue is missing.

Both of the above procedures are performed under local anaesthetic for your comfort within our procedure room at Western Dermatology.

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A valid referral is required from you GP or other specialist to be able to claim Medicare benefits from your consultation.

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Please remember to remove make up for facial concerns (and remember to bring some makeup to reapply after the consultation)

For consultations where a skin check is required, wearing looser clothing may be helpful or alternatively there are patient gowns available for your use

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